Bit of Solvang

Room 128

Solvang means “sunny field” in Danish. Enjoy the light and airy setting in “Bit of Solvang” located just above our “sunny” pastures in one of the Inn’s single story units. This room has two double beds and is tastefully decorated in a blue and white color scheme that is reminiscent of Danish hand-painted china. The bath has a large tiled shower in blue that embraces the theme. You may want to stop by our bakery for a few Danish pastries before checking into this rendition of a “Bit of Solvang.”

Room 128: Bit of Solvang

This room is furnished with two double beds.thumbnail

Seating Area



Bathroom with double sink vanity and and tiled shower.thumbnail

Building Location

Bit of Solvang is located in Building 2thumbnail

Room Location

Diagram showing location of roomthumbnail