Yosemite Rock

Room 130

Experience a touch of the outdoors in this park-like setting... evoking strength from native rock and harmony from nature’s embrace. The massive fireplace, symbolic of “Half Dome” the familiar solid granite dome located at the eastern end of Yosemite National Park, is a commanding feature in the room. The all stone bathroom with open rock shower and basins is essential to the character of this unique theme. Located on the ground level with convenient access to the secluded hilltop pool. King bed, rock shower and fireplace.

Room 130: Yosemite Rock

This room is furnished with a king-sized bed.thumbnail


A close-up view of the rock fireplace.thumbnail


View of bathroom with rock shower and sinks.thumbnail

Building Location

Yosemite Rock is located on the ground floor of Building 3thumbnail

Room Location

Diagram showing location of roomthumbnail